Important Parent Information


All Party Cinemas dances are chaperoned by no less than 10 adults. These chaperones are parents from the local community in which we are hosting each dance and are part of the local organizations which Party Cinemas supports. A portion of the proceeds from each dance goes directly to this group. In addition to our local chaperones, Party Cinemas may hire security guards and/or police officers at our larger events to ensure an exceptional and safe experience by everyone. Once inside the dance facility, children are not allowed to leave. If they need fresh air, or go outside for any other reason, a chaperone will escort them out and back into the building.

Our dances start promptly at 7:00pm and end at 10:00pm sharp. To speed up the entry process, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance. Tickets are also available online anytime. You may also purchase tickets at the door on the day of the event starting at 5:00pm. Advance ticket sales provide guaranteed entrance and does not provide 'front of the line' access. Tickets will be available at the door through the duration of the dance for those arriving at or after 7:00pm.

Party Cinemas is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during the dance. We recommend you have your child leave any expensive items at home. There will be a phone available for your child to call home if necessary. Any items left after the dance such as coats/personal effects/clothing etc will be given to the facility and may be claimed the following business day.


This is extremely important. Parents must come inside to pick up their children. Please advise your children to wait inside of the hall and wait for pick up. No child may leave the dance without a parent/guardian. If your child is given permission to take a bus/walk/taxi home we require written consent or a phone call from the parent - no exceptions.


Party Cinemas takes great steps to ensure your child is viewing appropriate material suitable for their age group. There is no violent, offensive or sexually suggestive content played at our dances. Party Cinemas personally edits each and every music video we receive by blurring out completely any scene which we deem offensive or inappropriate otherwise. If the video is completely offensive , we will only play the audio version of the song or not at all. All audio with or without video is also edited for content.

During the course of each dance, Party Cinemas will take pictures of the children which are then posted on our website. These pictures are available for all the children to see and download to use as they wish. We take photos on a voluntary basis - the DJ will ask whoever wants to have their photo taken to approach the DJ. If you do not wish to have your children's picture taken, please advise them not to approach the DJ for photos. If there is a picture of your child on our website and you do not wish to have it there, please email a copy of the photo along with the city the photo was taken in. We will remove that photo immediately.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our dances and policies, please contact us.

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